What Are Some Spanish Last Names?

What Are Some Spanish Last Names?

Some Spanish last names are Garcia, Rodriguez, Martinez, Hernandez and Lopez. These names are common in the United States and have Spanish, Germanic and Roman origins.

The name Garcia means "bear" in Spanish. Researchers have traced Garcia to the kingdom of Navarre during the Middle Ages. From Navarre the name spread throughout Spain, France and the Americas.

Rodriguez is of Germanic origin and comes from the Visigoths who invaded Spain in the 400s. The Germanic name "Hrodric" means "famous power." The addition of the "ez" at the end, which signifies "the son of," changed the name to "the son of Rodrick." The earliest records of Rodriguez in the New World date back to the 1560s.

Martinez is a Spanish name that has Latin origins. Its root "Martin" refers to Mars, the Roman god of war and fertility. Christians brought Martinez to Spain around the 4th century, and the name arrived in the Americas in the 1520s.

Hernandez means "son of Fernando." Its root was the Visigoth name "Ferdinand," which means "traveler or bold voyager." The name first appeared in Brazil during the 1600s and made its way to Nicaragua, Puerto Rico, Mexico and other countries.

The name Lopez means "son of the wolf" and comes from the Latin word "lupus," or "wolf." The Romans brought the name to Spain. In the Americas it first appeared in Chile, Mexico, Hispaniola, Nicaragua and Colombia.