What Are Some Sources for Purchasing Used Books From the A Beka Curriculum?

What Are Some Sources for Purchasing Used Books From the A Beka Curriculum?

EdAccents.com, ExodusBooks.com, UsedHomeschoolBooks.com and Amazon.com are some sources of used books from the A Beka curriculum. UsedHomeschoolBooks.com occasionally offers A Beka books for free, charging only shipping and handling, as of 2016.

Used A Beka books on UsedHomeschoolBooks.com are located under Catalog and A Beka Curriculum. Clicking a grade level retrieves corresponding results. The inventory includes curriculum for grades K to 12. Codes, such as A, B, C, NC or an asterisk denote books that are like new, slightly worn, have missing pages, are not current or are compatible with a new edition, respectively.

Performing a keyword search for "A Beka" on EdAccents.com retrieves the entire A Beka inventory. Typing "A Beka" into the website search field also opens common search results by grade and links to curriculum by grade. Press tab, and then click a link to peruse curriculum by grade. Depending on the grade, there may not be books available.

Similarly, searching for "A Beka" on ExodusBooks.com pulls up the vendor's current inventory of A Beka curriculum arranged by subject, such as spelling, math, phonics, music and language arts. There is also a general link to A Beka curriculum that retrieves product information for every A Beka book on ExodusBooks.com. Results are mixed, and there is no way to refine the master list, so the list includes grade school curriculum interspersed with high school curriculum.

The inventory on Amazon.com features roughly 8,000 books from the A Beka curriculum as of 2016. Prices vary widely from seller to seller, and there are sub-categories to help refine search results by subject, format, author, age and book series.