What Are Sources of Online Studies in the Field of Science?

Sources for online studies in the field of science are available at NOAA.gov, the official website of the National Ocean and Atmospheric Administration, and OnlineSchoolCenters.com. NOAA.Gov hosts National Marine Sanctuaries that conduct studies related to a healthy ocean.

The sanctuaries work to study and protect special places in America’s oceans and Great Lakes. The goal is to preserve the ocean’s biodiversity and beauty. Field studies include Teacher-At-Sea, Ocean for Life, Ocean Guardian Classroom and Environmental Monitoring Not Just for Scientists.

NOAA.Gov lists each study with a broad description that links to specific projects and articles. For example, Ocean for Life is a program designed to enhance cultural understanding through ocean science. By clicking on Ocean for Life, site visitors are connected to a cultural exchange program that brings high school students of different cultural backgrounds together to explore marine science.

OnlineSchoolCenters.com is another source for online studies in the field of science. It provides a list of the top 10 environmental science and study programs. OnlineSchoolCenters.com features online programs offered by various universities that include agriculture, environmental science, sustainable food production and natural sciences. Programs are accredited, with the goal being to build a solid foundation in environmental disciplines. Each study program offers a list of career opportunities available in the field of environmental science, the cost of tuition and program standouts.