What Are Some Sources of College Rankings Online?

Three online sources for college rankings include The Princeton Review, Niche.com and U.S. News and World Report's education website. These sources not only offer a variety of college rankings but also have comprehensive information about each school.

The Princeton Review has annual rankings lists users can view and also includes its rankings on each school's page on the site. Some of the rankings include general lists for the top 380 colleges, regional schools and top public schools along with rankings based on alumni networks, environmental impact, happiness of students, quality of life, campus food and student satisfaction. Each school profile also has a description of the school and information about its costs, student body, academics and campus life, notes PrincetonReview.com.

Niche.com performs its own rankings on schools and gives them grades from A to F. In addition to an overall grade, each school gets a grade on its off-campus housing, health and safety, athletics, academics, parking, campus housing and food, diversity, technology, drug safety and Greek life.

U.S. News and World Report publishes several yearly rankings lists for schools on its website at USNews.com, and it splits rankings into school type such as college, graduate school, online school or community college. Examples include its national universities and liberal arts college rankings. Seeing detailed rankings information for schools requires getting a membership on the site, notes USNews.com.