How Does Someone Write a Cover Memo?

A cover memo is like a short-form version of a cover letter, in that it informs the potential employer about what experience and job history that the job applicant possesses. Writing a cover memo isn't like drafting a resume, and it should maintain a professional tone and a short length.

  1. Maintaining the right tone
  2. When writing the cover memo, make sure to stick to a professional tone, word resource Your Dictionary recommends. While a memo is done in short-hand compared to a cover letter or a resume, it doesn't mean that a job applicant should stop presenting themselves in a good light.

  3. Presenting information concisely
  4. The entire point of the memo is to write concisely. Therefore, try to express information with as much brevity as possible, including considering the use of bullet points, Your Dictionary suggests. However, a job applicant should not sacrifice proper grammar or full sentence structure when composing their cover memo at any point. This is the time to shine, and simple mistakes could cost an applicant their shot at the job.

  5. Considering the audience
  6. When writing a cover memo, think of who will read it. While in most cases it will be the hiring manager, other parties at the target company could see it as well. Therefore, make sure to omit very personal information, Purdue University recommends.