How Does Someone Write a Character Letter to a Judge?

A character letter to a judge should include the judge's name and title, information about who you are, information about how you met the defendant, specific good deeds that you have seen the defendant do and how an incarceration will negatively affect the defendant. It should also include any information on how the defendant directly cares for his or her family.

A character letter to a judge can help the case of a defendant who has committed a crime. It can give the judge a more in-depth look of what the defendant is like when not committing or being charged with crimes. It will also give the judge an idea of the type of character that a defendant has. It is important to never lie when writing a character letter because it could cause a bad reputation. Writing a letter that includes false information could also cause the defendants case to be even harder to deal with. It is a good idea to only tell the truth in these types of letters and to be sure that the judge is aware of everything that the defendant does when he or she is not committing crimes. A good character letter can help decrease the chance of incarceration.