What Are Some of the Solutions to Ask Marilyn's Numbrix?


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Numbrix solutions differ from one puzzle to the next, just as the solutions to Sudoku or crossword puzzles do. The goal of Numbrix is to fill in a grid with consecutive numbers when given the lowest and highest numbers to start with.

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Given the lowest and highest numbers, players must connect the two by placing all numbers in between them inside of the grid with each number connecting once vertically or horizontally with the next consecutive number. For example, if a grid cell contains a five and another cell two cells away contains a seven, a six goes between them. Numbrix is similar to the game Hidato, but in Hidato, numbers may be entered diagonally.

Marilyn vos Savant, who created Numbrix puzzles, constructs each puzzle without the help of a computer. Numbrix puzzles are posted on Parade.com in the Ask Marilyn section.

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