What Does "sold As Is" Mean?


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“Sold as is” is a legal term that means an item, such as a car or home, was sold without any warranty, including implied warranty. Buyers of “as is” items have agreed to purchase the item in whatever condition it was at the time of sale.

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When merchants sell items, such as automobiles and properties, they provide an implied warranty of merchantability. Under the law, the sold item comes with this warranty without the seller doing anything. This implied warranty is not written or spoken, and it gives the buyer the right to return the item to the merchant if it was defective at the time of purchase.

The law also allows merchants to sell goods “as is.” This means that the buyer is accepting the item in the condition it was in at the time of purchase. In other words, any defect or flaw is the responsibility of the buyer. Buyers can inspect the item or have an expert examine the condition of the item before their purchase to find out what problems it might have. Sellers are legally required to disclose whether their goods are being sold “as is” or with warranties.

Just because a seller mentions that the item was “sold as is” it does not mean it actually was. Laws do not permit “as is” sales in certain situations. For example, the law makes exceptions for fraudulent transactions. Sellers who lied about the condition of the item at the time of sale cannot enforce the “sold as is” clause.

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