What Are Some Software Engineering Courses?

What Are Some Software Engineering Courses?

Beginning Algorithms and Introduction to Data Structures are two examples of introductory software engineering courses. Other examples include Design and Analysis of Algorithms, Computer System Engineering, Python for Informatics, and Design Patterns.

Algorithms, Part I, is a software engineering course offered through Princeton University. Students learn about the algorithms and data structures necessary for professional programming. These studies focus on the applications and scientific performance analysis associated with Java implementations. Students also learn about sorting, searching algorithms and iterable data types.

Introduction to Data Structures through Udemy.com is a similar type of software engineering course. The course is available online and consists of five hours of video. Students learn about some basic data structures, including arrays, queues, trees, linked lists and heaps.

Design and Analysis of Algorithms is offered through Stanford University. Students view 12 sections of video courses on topics related to algorithms and their analysis, including counting conversions, undirected connectivity and graphs.

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology offers several software engineering courses, including Computer System Engineering. Students can download video lectures about different strategies and methods for developing computer systems.

Python for Informatics is available through the University of California in San Diego. Python is a type of programming language. The course is for students who already have experience in programming. Design Patterns is a similar high-level class about design patterns related to software engineering.