What Are Soft Skills?


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Soft skills is another phrase used to describe emotional intelligence, or skills used to work effectively and harmonize with other people. Soft skills are often considered as important as hard skills if not more. Hard skills are technical abilities to perform specific tasks, whereas soft skills are versatile and able to adapt to virtually any field.

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Some soft skills include the ability to communicate effectively, adapt to different circumstances, remain cool and professional under pressure, and a exhibit strong work ethic. It's also important to be able to manage time and coordinate other people to get projects done on time.

Soft skills can be practiced and taught, just like hard skills. Progress and learning isn't as obvious, but it is possible. Some ways of cultivating and improving soft skills include listening to honest, constructive criticism, maintaining a positive attitude and taking care of oneself by getting enough food and sleep. Malnutrition negatively affects mental and physical performance, and causes irritability.

Another soft skills is a realistic grasp of strengths and weaknesses. Knowing strengths allows people to focus on tasks and projects that they can do effectively. Knowing weaknesses highlights areas to improve and brings awareness to limitations. Stretching too far past one's limits causes excess stress and makes it harder to deal with people professionally.

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