What Does the Smith System Include?

The Smith System consists of five principles: aim high and look ahead, keep eyes moving, get the big picture, leave a way out and be visible to other drivers. This system helps drivers improve their awareness of the driving environment.

The Smith System offers a new perspective on distracted driving. It helps drivers to identify and avoid distracted drivers that may be sharing the road. The company's five basic concepts help drivers to see, think and react to potentially dangerous road situations.

  • Aim high and look ahead is the first concept. Instead of looking directly in front of the vehicle, aim to look 20 to 30 seconds ahead.
  • The second idea is to keep the eyes moving. Rather than looking straight ahead, survey the entire driving environment by scanning right and left and glancing in the rear-view and side mirrors.
  • To get the big picture, incorporate everything within view into one observation. For example, identify pedestrians, construction and traffic flow to highlight anything that may increase the risk of an accident.
  • Drivers should always leave a way out. This simply means to leave a cushion of space around his or her vehicle which helps avoid collisions.
  • The final concept is for the driver to make sure he or she is visible to other drivers on the road. Communicate with other drivers by using turn signals, eye contact and daytime running lights.