How Do You Get Smarter?

How Do You Get Smarter?

To get smarter, practice daily mediation, exercise your brain, ingest bacteria, and get enough sleep. You should also take good care of your body through physical exercise and a healthy diet.

  1. Practice meditation

    Practice daily meditation. Research shows that regular meditation helps with focus, memory, function and attention span. Practice quiet, focused breathing exercises to achieve mental calm.

  2. Exercise your brain

    Exercise your brain regularly through brain-strengthening exercises, such as Sudoku, puzzles and crosswords. Mix up your usual routine by taking a different route on a daily walk or brushing your teeth with the opposite hand. These exercises force the brain to work harder than usual.

  3. Ingest bacteria

    Researchers at the Sage Colleges found that mice that ingested certain bacteria found in dirt showed fewer signs of anxiety and did better in maze tests. Ingest bacteria by taking a walk through the woods, gardening and doing yard work.

  4. Get enough sleep

    Get between six and eight hours of sleep every day. During sleep, the brain continues to process information gathered throughout the day. Getting enough sleep also helps increase your brain function and ability to focus.

  5. Take care of your body

    Take part in physical exercise, and eat nutritious foods. Exercise improves blood flow, glucose levels and oxygen levels in the brain. Foods such as dark green vegetables, eggs, fish oil and foods high in protein help promote a healthy brain.