What Are Some Slogans for Kids?


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There are many good slogans for kids that can be used for various activities and organizations. A couple of common school slogans for kids are "Be Cool, Go to School" and "Reading is Fundamental," which is often written with an embellishment or in bold letters for the "Fun" part of the word.

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Slogans for kids should be easy to understand and remember. Educational slogans such as "Books will take you places" and "Failing to prepare is preparing to fail" are easy to put on school materials and to post up in classrooms for motivation.

The rise in the amount of parents and organizations speaking out about bullying have caused "no bullying" slogans to become quite popular. Slogans such as "It Isn’t BIG To Make Others Feel SMALL" and "Bully-Free…The Way To Be!" are among the many slogans listed at No Bullying, a website dedicated to fighting against and raising awareness about online and offline bullies.

Other examples of kid slogans are "Learn from the past, live in the present, dream for the future" and "Be who you want to be, and not who you think you see," which celebrates youth empowerment, and "Don't sit inside all day, go outside and play, play, play!", which encourages young children to be physically active.

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