How Does Skyward Gradebook Work?

How Does Skyward Gradebook Work?

Skyward Gradebook is an online tool that allows teachers and administrators to easily record and track the educational progress of each student in their classes. Attendance, emergency and general student information is readily stored and accessed by users via the Gradebook program.

The tool also allows teachers to access student demographic information, post grades, integrate online assessments and email progress reports to families and students.

School districts establish an account in order to grant teachers access. All of the preliminary setup is completed at the district level, so the program is fully operational for teachers immediately. Educators log in with a password and user name, choose the class or classes they want to work with, add information for the homework, projects and assessments they desire, and then submit scores for the students.

Skyward Gradebook is useful to elementary teachers who use skill and standards-based assessments, as well as secondary teachers who have varied grading methods and multiple grading scales for classes. The program allows teachers to duplicate assignments from previous years' grade books. Skyward Gradebook allows for customization to support individual teacher preferences for grading methods, categories, grading weights and grading scales.

Skyward, Inc. has developed its administrative software since 1980.