What Is Skyward Family Access?

Skyward Family Access is a service that allows parents to view certain data about their children's activities at school. It is a private service that schools choose to adopt voluntarily.

The software is provided by the Skyward software company based in Wisconsin. Parents with students enrolled in the program can log in to view their grades, attendance entries, list of outstanding and completed assignments, fees that are due and lunch account balances. Parents can also view daily schedules, immunization records and general student demographic information. Notification of new grades can also be sent by email. Each user receives a unique user name and password.

All student information can be found under a single account, even if a parent or guardian has more than one student. Emergency contact information can also be updated through Skyward Family Access, and users can identify what type of communication they prefer in the event of an emergency. Users can also view bus information, including pickup and drop-off bus stops.