How Do You Skip a Grade in School?


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A student's ability to skip a grade usually is determined by school administrators who consider the student's IQ, which should be at least 130, according to the Johns Hopkins School of Education. The student's parents also should favor the acceleration.

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How Do You Skip a Grade in School?
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Parents who feel their child is ready to skip a grade should discuss the issue with the school guidance counselor, principal or gifted-studies coordinator, according to Supporting Emotional Needs of the Gifted. Some schools have an Individualized Educational Program committee that weighs in on grade-skipping decisions.

A psychologist also should evaluate a student's emotional and social development to ensure that the child is ready to leave current classmates and join older students, SENG recommends. The student's new teachers must be prepared to help with the transition and cover any educational gaps that result from the grade skip. A student should skip only one grade at a time, and he should have the option to return to his regular grade, according to Johns Hopkins.

An alternative to grade-skipping is acceleration in one or more courses, SENG notes. In that case, children join older students for core classes, such as English, math and science, but they remain in their regular classes for all other subjects and activities.

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