What Is a Skills Tutor Program?

What Is a Skills Tutor Program?

The Skills Tutor program is a resource for diagnosing and supporting students' basic study skills. The academic skills are related to reading and math primarily, but there are lessons related to science as well.

The Skills Tutor program is an online resource available through Houghton Mifflin. Either parents or teachers can sign children up for this program. Students use the given user name and password to access the lessons and quizzes.

Skills Tutor is an individualized program. Students work at their own pace to complete academic skills set by teachers or parents. In addition to reading, math and science, the program offers lessons in writing, employability and career skills. Each lesson is preceded by a pretest, and the lessons are based on the results. Students complete an evaluative assessment at the conclusion of the lesson.

The program also keeps track of students' scores and completion of activities. Skills Tutor produces progress reports on both individual students and whole classes. These reports are printable. The program also offers printable activity sheets for extra practice.

The Skills Tutor site features 30 sample lessons as a preview. Students have to sign up for a free sample to access these lessons. All features of the program are available through the sample lessons, including colorful graphics, worksheets and assessments.