What Skills Are Taught in Second Grade Math?

What Skills Are Taught in Second Grade Math?

Second grade math skills include addition and subtraction, place value, measurement, time, money, data representation and interpretation, and geometry. The second grade curriculum focuses on increasing knowledge in many of these areas and increasing fluency in addition and subtraction problems.

Many concepts in the second grade math curriculum are skills the students were introduced to in first grade. The students are challenged to interact with those concepts at a deeper level or use larger numbers. Instead of just naming shapes, second graders learn about the sides and angles that define a shape and learn about three-dimensional shapes.

Base 10 notation is a major focus of the second grade curriculum. Students improve their skip counting by 5s, 10s and 100s. This helps students understand multi-digit numbers.

Measurement activities focus on the tools used to measure, particularly the ruler. The second grade curriculum uses both inches and centimeters for measuring purposes.

The second grade curriculum also pushes students past just solving problems. They learn to use math skills strategically based on how they interpret the problem. Students should display abstract and quantitative reasoning about math concepts. They learn to be accurate in their calculations and stick with a problem even when it is difficult to solve.