What Skills Do Students Need in Order to Pass a Nursing Assessment?


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Depending on the school and program, the basic skills students need to have in order to pass a nursing assessment include demonstrating hand hygiene, performing oral care on a patient and bathing a patient. Students also need to demonstrate their knowledge of assisting with bedpans and urinals.

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A nursing assessment is used to determine how proficient students are at certain skills they have learned in their classes. These skills range from basic hygiene such as hand washing and putting on sterile gloves to more complicated care including catheterizing patients and providing tracheotomy care. Students need to have knowledge of IVs, including inserting peripheral IVs, adding IV meds, administering an IV pump infusion and changing an IV to an SL or saline lock. NGs or nasogastric tubes are other important tubes about which students need to know. They have to know how to insert and remove this tube as well as how to irrigate it.

The assessment tests students grasp on administering blood transfusions, reconstituting drugs in powder form and administering enemas. Some other skills include cleaning and dressing wounds, many of which are demonstrated on mannequins. The assessment consists of the practical portion as well as a section for math testing.

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