What Are Some of the Skills and Requirements for Getting a Mechanical Engineering Degree?

Skills and requirements needed for obtaining a mechanical engineering degree include the ability to design and analyze systems in motion, understand the product's thermal environment, design a product for functionality and anticipate and correct possible future issues. Courses can include topics such as biomechanics, thermodynamics, aerospace, computer science and electronics. Those with degrees in mechanical engineering can design products, from individual parts to large systems, and can bring them from concept to market.

At minimum, a mechanical engineer needs a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering and a state professional engineer license. Some schools with this degree include University of Notre Dame, Duke University, Cornell University and University of Florida.

One example of a set of requirements for a mechanical engineering degree is Duke University's Bachelor of Science program in the Department of Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science. Requirements for the degree include 34 courses, comprising 19 general education courses and 15 mechanical engineering courses. Major courses include Control of Dynamic Systems, Heat and Mass Transfer, Structure and Properties of Solids, Fluid Mechanics and Mechanical Systems Design. Students also have the opportunity to choose mechanical engineering electives based on their own interests. Students are expected to work with their advisers to ensure all requirements are met, states Duke University.