What Skills Are Needed for the Paraprofessional Practice Test?

Knowledge and skills in reading, writing and math are needed for the ParaPro Assessment. The assessment also tests the ability of active and prospective paraprofessionals to assist in the instruction of these subjects within a classroom setting.

Test-takers have 2 1/2 hours to complete 90 multiple choice questions. Exactly 70 percent of the questions focus on basic knowledge and skills. The remaining questions focus on application. Individuals must take the test on a computer.

Reading comprehension questions entail reading a passage, a corresponding question about the passage, then choosing a correct answer. With the writing portion of the ParaPro Assessment, test-takers read paragraphs for grammatical soundness, then select answers that show the correct grammar choice for a particular sentence.

The math portion of the ParaPro Assessment covers everything from reading simple graphs to intermediate algebra and basic geometry.

The Educational Testing Service, the nonprofit responsible for administering and grading the ParaPro Assessment, recommends the official ParaPro Assessment study guide and practice test to people who wish to prepare for the test. The study guide is an in-depth review of exam material and includes an overview of test material and sample screens.

The Educational Testing Service also advises future test-takers to obtain and study subject textbooks designed for the grade levels they intend to interact with. The Educational Testing Service's "ParaPro Study Companion," is a free publication that outlines these strategies. The publication is a PDF and is available at ETS.org.