What Skills Does MobyMax Teach?


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The skills that Moby Max teaches include math facts and an intuitive sense for numbers, using programs knows as Fact Master and Number Sense, according to Moby Max. The Moby math curriculum fixes and finds the missing math skills that are essential in math comprehension.

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The Fact Master has an adaptive set of instructions that develop the skills of math fluency quickly in a student, according to Moby Math. The company has various fact sets for students to practice, which helps them keep their skills sharp. It also provides feedback to each problem, which helps in identifying the missing fact skills in a student.

The Number Sense instills a deep intuitive sense of numbers in a student, states Moby Math. It has six modules that teach a student to subtract quickly and add large numbers without using a pencil. The touch-manipulative design keeps the students engaged as it demonstrates to how numbers are composed and decomposed.

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