What Skills Does Math Facts Pro Develop?


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The MathFactsPro website states that its program is designed to help students develop mastery over basic math skills to enhance mathematical automaticity. The aim of the MathFactsPro software program is to allow students to answer basic mathematical facts while requiring little to no thought in the problem-solving process.

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MathFactsPro is stated to be a program that is both validated and developed using research aimed to help students develop mathematical fluency. As of 2015, the MathFactsPro software is able to adapt to both the student's basic knowledge base and response speed. The program automatically adjusts the difficulty of any given exercise to ensure that students are given challenges and questions that are appropriate to their development level.

MathFactsPro contains both simple and complex problems. The program is designed to test the knowledge and response speed of students on basic mathematical facts before providing them with more advanced facts. The game can also show the same facts twice over a single playthrough, allowing the program to accurately predict the player's knowledge base.

MathFactsPro was established in 2008 by Mark Berg, who is a former teacher. Aside from his teaching experience, Mark Berg also holds a Master's degree from Emporia University in Instructional Design and Technology.

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