Which Skills Are Covered in Kindergarten Curricula?


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The curriculum for a kindergarten class focuses on language and literacy, writing, math, science and social studies. Kindergarten students get an introduction to basic skills in core subjects and learn to follow a routine and schedule. They also learn to adhere to rules.

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Kindergarten introduces children to words and sounds and gain phonemic awareness skills. Teachers introduce sight words and prompt students to create word families and rhyme as part of literacy and language lessons. Writing is also a core part of the curriculum. Kindergarten students learn to form letters and how to hold a pencil. They work on fine motor skills when crafting capital and lowercase letters.

Kindergartners learn beginning math skills through counting activities, pattern recognition, and basic addition and subtraction. They also learn the names of seasons and days of the week. Science curriculum focuses on basic science experiments that offer visual learning session of basic scientific functions, such as the weather and the seasons. Students also explore the five senses, nutrition and healthy body habits.

Kindergarten lessons in social studies explore various cultures to expand each child's perceptions and views of the world. The curriculum helps students learn personal geographic information such as phone numbers and addresses.

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