What Are Sixth Grade Writing Prompts?


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Sixth grade writing prompts are story starters that give students ideas for writing topics. The prompts are usually one to two sentences and include ideas for personal narrative writing, imaginative writing, persuasive writing or expository writing. Prompts can also include responses to literature or journal topics.

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A good prompt for personal narrative writing motivates the student to think about an event in his life. For example, “Tell about a time when you went on a trip and something unexpected happened.” An imaginative writing prompt helps the student think of an idea for a made-up story. For example, “Imagine you were walking down the road and suddenly encountered a gigantic…”

A persuasive writing prompt inspires the student to state his opinion on a topic and persuade others to feel the same. For example, “What is something you would change about your school? Write a paper persuading the administration to make the change.” Expository writing involves research and facts about a subject. For example, “Choose a European country. Write a report that includes information about the country’s economy, geography and history.” Other prompts simply encourage students to write about a specific topic. For example, “Write three things that happened this weekend” or “Who are the main characters in the story?”

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