What Are Some Sixth Grade Speech Topics?

A sixth grade speech can cover various topics such as African masks and their meaning in holy rituals, or favorite sports moments, according to Speech-Topics-Help.com. Different types of speeches can be assigned, depending on the assignment.

According to About.com, there are five types of speeches. Each type of speech delivers a different message. The five speech types are informative, instructional, persuasive, entertaining and special occasion. It's important to know what sort of speech a person wants to make before picking a topic.

If a person would like to give an instructional speech, then she could choose something such as "how to do multiplication" or "how to do a flip." On the other hand, if a person wants to give an informative speech, she could select the topic "how the sun rises and sets."

Persuasive and entertaining speeches aren't just designed to give information, but to also have an emotional impact on people. For instance, a persuasive speech that is about how cafeteria food is bad, or why homework should not be assigned anymore are all opinionated speeches that are designed to convince others to agree. There are endless speech topics to choose from depending on the type of speech a person wants to give.