What Sites Offer Report Writing Examples?


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Professional Development Service for Teachers, Monash University and TheWriteSource.com all offer report writing samples on their websites. They also provide grammar and writing resources to help site visitors improve their writing skills. Cengage Learning provides several samples illustrating how to write technical reports.

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Report writing differs from essays and other types of writing in several ways. While essays are about making a statement of opinion or relating a personal experience, reports are more fact-based and employ a matter-of-fact tone, according to the University of Reading. A good report is concise and gets straight to the point without adding extraneous material. Reports should also be easy to read, separating paragraphs with bold headings to clarify main ideas or key parts of the report. Reports often include bullet points for emphasis in certain sections and make use of graphs, charts or tables to better illustrate given examples or directions. It's important to remember that reports are meant to be informative, usually with a specific type of reader in mind. The writing should focus on this particular type of audience, and anticipate and answer questions. Reports should avoid jargon that not everyone may understand and avoid using language that is too obscure or archaic.

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