What Are Some Sites That List a Word of the Day?


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Some websites that provide a word of the day include dictionary.reference.com, wordthink.com, and merriam-webster.com. These websites also include archives of previous words of the day, allowing users to view earlier words and definitions. The New York Times' "The Learning Network" also features a word of the day, along with interactive quizzes on uses of each word.

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There are also several apps for both iOS and Android that feature a new word each day, including the dictionary.com app. Many of these apps also allow users to hear the word of the day spoken out loud so they know how it sounds. The free app "The Word of the Day" is an iOS app for iPhone and iPads that downloads a new word every day, along with its definition. The app also keeps track of previous words, allowing users to review the words they have learned while using the app.

For Android, apps like "A Word A Day" present a different word each day. This app is based on Merriam-Webster's word of the day, however, so using both the website and the app will provide the same word. Another Android-based word of the day app provides daily SAT vocabulary words that can help students expand their vocabulary and prepare for standardized testing.

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