What Are Some Simple French Phrases?

Some examples of simple French phrases include: "Parlez-vous anglais?" which means "Do you speak English?"; "Merci beaucoup," which means "Thank you very much" and "Comment allez-vous?" which means "How are you?" Audio pronunciation accompaniment is available for these phrases on the Fodors.com website.

Useful French phrases for travelers include "Où est le métro?" or "Where is the subway?"; "Puis-je me connecter à l’Internet?" meaning, "Can I get on the Internet?"; and "Où sont les toilettes?" which means "Where is the bathroom?"

Those interested to learn simple French phrases may use services such as those available at Duolingo.com. The website provides foreign language courses free of charge, including French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and Dutch lessons. Duolingo also has an app available for Android and iPhone devices.