What Are Some Simple Elementary School Science Experiments?


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Students can create a volcano, experiment with the effects of oil and water or choose to make a parachute. Other simple experiments include playing around with getting an egg to float in water by adding specific ingredients, breeding bacteria on different foods and surfaces or making water glow.

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What Are Some Simple Elementary School Science Experiments?
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Science Kids offers plenty of experiments for science students, including learning the differences between water and ice, making a homemade lava lamp and writing hidden messages with invisible ink. Students can also play with moving molecules in hot and cold water by using music. Planting seeds into soil and placing them in different amounts of sunlight can be a fun way for students to watch their experiment come to life. Students can play around with static electricity and electrons by making their hair stand on end with inflated balloons, an aluminum can and woolen fabric. Creating a tornado in a plastic bottle with water, dish washing liquid and glitter can be a fun project for elementary students. Bath salts are not only relaxing, they require a variety of chemicals that must react a certain way in order to form properly. Students can experiment with designs, fragrances and colors with this easy project.

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