How Do You Sign up for Online Classes at Central Texas College?

How Do You Sign up for Online Classes at Central Texas College?

Current students can sign up for online classes at Central Texas College by registering through WebAdvisor, faxing or emailing the registration form — which is available on the school's website ( — or visiting the Student Services office on campus. Online course sections can be found in the course schedule by looking for the notation TD in the course ID. Sections labeled TM or TH indicate classes that will require attendance on campus.

Current students who are in good standing and working toward a degree can sign up for online courses at Central Texas College with the following steps:

  1. View the current schedule of classes
  2. Course schedules are normally released a few weeks prior to the semester starting, and enrollment opens dependent on the number of credit hours the student has already completed.

  3. Select desired courses
  4. Students should select courses based on their personal schedules and how many credit hours they can comfortably complete. Make sure to pay attention to any classes that are only offered in particular semesters or those that are prerequisites to others.

  5. Submit registration forms
  6. Those attempting to submit the form through WebAdvisor, email or fax should contact Student Services if there are any problems or error messages.