What Are Some Show and Tell Ideas Using the Letter O?

Some show and tell ideas using the letter "O" are items made from O-shaped cereal, oranges or things that are orange colored, anything to do with the ocean, and an octopus. Parents and children can make these show and tell items with materials from around the house.

String O-shaped cereal on yarn or chenille stems to make necklaces or bracelets. Children can also glue the cereal to paper to make the letter "O." Play a game of "hot potato" with an orange, or split the class into teams to run relay races with oranges tucked under their chins. Fingerprints can be made with orange paint or ink and turned into a picture of a bug, an orange ice cream cone or an orange. Make homemade orange ice cream by first placing orange-dyed milk, sugar and vanilla into a quart-sized baggie. Then, put that bag into a gallon-sized baggie filled half way with rock salt and ice, and shake the bag until it becomes ice cream. Create an ocean scene in a bottle by filling it with water, blue food coloring, pebbles, glitter and plastic ocean creatures. Make an octopus with streamers or with hand prints, using just the four fingers from each hand.