What Are Some Show-and-Tell Ideas?

Show-and-tell is a useful tool in building speaking skills and confidence in preschool and kindergarten students. Any show-and-tell presentation should be age-appropriate and take into account the limited attention span of children in this age group. Show-and-tell items should never be electronic, have sentimental or monetary value, or be items that could be perceived to promote violence, such as toy guns or soldiers.

As one example for show-and-tell, a student can bring in two or three photos taken at the same event, such as a birthday party or family outing. The photos should be numbered or arranged for the child, who then must describe each photo in order and place it in the context of the story that the photos tell as a set. This teaches children about the sequence of events in a story, as well as how to convey this information to others.

Show-and-tell can also be interactive. A child may bring in a container with an unknown item inside it. The child can share three clues with the class. After the student describes the clues, classmates can ask questions and work together to try to guess what is inside the container. This activity promotes the use of language, teamwork and critical thinking skills.