What Should You Write in a Paragraph on Respect?

When writing a paragraph on respect, include a definition of respect, examples of respectful behavior and reflect on how respect enhances the lives of others. The paragraph may also include information about how to show respect, types of people who deserve respect, such as teachers and elders, and the effects of disrespectful attitudes or behaviors.

When illustrating and defining respect in a written paragraph, writers may choose to provide a list of respectful behaviors, such as honesty, listening to others, valuing differing opinions and beliefs, showing sensitivity to others' struggles and challenges, providing empathetic responses, making eye contact when conversing, showing interest in different cultures, accepting and encouraging others to be themselves, and honoring commitments and obligations.

A list of disrespectful behaviors can also be included in a paragraph on respect to show the readers what not to do, such as don't insult or mock others, avoid pressuring people to do things they are not comfortable doing, don't gossip or talk behind someone's back, avoid stereotyping those who practice different religions or cultures, and don't discriminate or promote prejudice or racism. Personal examples of the writer's own experience with respect or disrespect can help provide insight for the readers and improve the writer's credibility.