How Should I Write an Officer Candidate School Letter of Character?

When writing a letter of character for someone applying to officer candidate school, address it to the officer in charge of reviewing the application. In the body of the letter, explain your relationship with the candidate and how long you have known this person. It is important that the officer reading the letter realizes that you know the candidate well enough to provide a character reference.

It is also important to offer background information on yourself, including your age, occupation, education and involvement with the military, if applicable. The more trustworthy the writer is, the more credible the letter of character is.

Next, discuss several traits or characteristics that qualify the candidate for officer candidate school. Provide specific examples in this section, and list the candidate's major achievements and skills as well as any awards the candidate has received. Conclude the letter by summarizing the applicant's military service.

The Navy, Air Force, Army and Coast Guard have officer candidate schools. The application process varies, depending on which school a candidate applies to. Often, three character reference letters are required to apply to officer candidate school. Character reference letters should be written by former commanding officers, military colleagues and previous employers. However, reference letters written by family members and friends are also acceptable.