How Should You Write an Exemplification Essay?

How Should You Write an Exemplification Essay?

The primary objective of an exemplification essay is to use examples to illustrate a topic or main point. For this reason, this type of essay is often referred to as an illustrative essay. Writing an exemplification, or illustrative, essay involves formulating a thesis, creating an outline, developing examples and putting it all together.

  1. Formulate a thesis

    For some essays, developing a thesis may be a refining process; however, illustrative essays depend on examples to support the thesis, so it is best to have a clear main point early in the process.

  2. Organize a working outline

    The key to writing good academic essays is always organization. Start with the basic essay format: an introduction with the thesis statement followed by at least three body paragraphs. For the body outline, write a topic sentence that defines what each paragraph will discuss. Each of the three paragraphs must support the respective topic sentence. Finish the outline with a conclusion that recapitulates the topics in the body paragraphs and ends with a thought-provoking sentence.

  3. Develop examples

    The defining factors of the essay, the examples, will go in the body paragraphs. Write about real, applicable examples that support the main topic or argument. Especially make sure that the examples relate directly to the respective topic sentence. Statistics are a great way to accentuate a main point.

  4. Put it all together and revise

    Now that the framework is complete, begin writing a full draft. Be sure to read the draft thoroughly to ensure it flows logically and coherently. Make any necessary revisions before submitting a final draft.