How Should You Write an Essay on Summer Vacations for Kids?

To write a kid's essay on summer vacation, brainstorm on what you did during the summer, and then pick two or three main ideas. Make an outline. Write the body, and then write the introduction and the conclusion.

  1. Brainstorm about what to write

    Brainstorm a list of things you did during the summer vacation. Collect as many ideas as possible. If you need to refresh your memory, look back at photos, letters and emails, and talk to your family about what happened.

  2. Narrow down the topics

    Narrow down the topics of what you did during the summer to two or three main ideas.

  3. Create an outline

    Make an outline for the essay. Write a sentence for each heading, and list two or three examples or details for each heading. Use the outline to organize your thoughts for the essay.

  4. Write the body of the essay

    Write the body paragraphs of the essay. Use one paragraph to discuss each main topic. Include specifics about each main topic in the paragraph. Follow the outline when writing the essay.

  5. Write the introduction and conclusion

    The introduction should capture the reader's attention. The conclusion should wrap up the essay by summarizing the main ideas.

  6. Edit the essay

    Reread the essay to find any misspellings or grammar errors. Ask a parent to edit your essay if you need help.