How Should I Write an Essay on Students and Discipline?

How Should I Write an Essay on Students and Discipline?

Student discipline is a heavily debated topic and supports a wide variety of observations and opinions. Many educators and other people involved in education have the opportunity or obligation to write about this topic.

  1. Understand the prompt and your stance

    Make sure you understand the parameters of what is expected in this essay. Some essays ask you to include personal observations and to render your opinion, and others want a more formal and objective article for which research is the primary support. Consider the purpose and audience of your paper. With the parameters in mind, formulate a main thesis or claim to serve as your focus.

  2. Outline your essay

    Using your thesis as a basis, create an organizational template for your ideas. Your outline should feature an introduction that gives background information, body paragraphs with your findings and a conclusion.

  3. Draft your essay

    Write an introductory paragraph that incorporates your thesis. Using transitional phrases and topic sentences, write body paragraphs that support the thesis. The information in the body paragraphs might include personal experiences in classrooms or perhaps a history of student discipline. Analyze the impact of different kinds of discipline on students and the classroom environment. Write a conclusion that tells the readers how you or they might think or act differently after receiving the information in your essay. If you are writing to a school administrator, you might entreat him to administer discipline in a different way. If you are talking about your own teaching or learning experiences, you might discuss how these experiences or findings affect your teaching or learning strategies.