What Should You Write in an Essay on Personal Responsibility?

An essay on personal responsibility should include a working definition for this term, such as "the act of accepting accountability for one's actions," notes Questia.com. Another aspect of personal responsibility is understanding how one's action affects others. Providing examples of individuals taking personal responsibility may strengthen an essay.

Each teacher or professor has specific rules as to how students should construct assigned essays, so it's important for individuals to first be clear about their instructors' structural requirements. Students should note if the essay on personal responsibility is an argumentative, narrative or critical paper, to name a few examples.

If a student is writing an argumentative essay on this topic, he might discuss why personal responsibility is important in everyone's life. He might argue that taking personal responsibility for one's actions makes individuals more trustworthy and respected students, teachers, siblings, fathers and mothers.

Writing a critical essay could involve a discussion about the author's definition and critique of personal responsibility, and it may identify the strengths and weaknesses of the author's perspective. If a writer argues that delinquent children raised in foster care should get no special treatment as a result of their circumstances, but should take personal responsibility for any wrongdoings, a student could address this point in his essay.

Discussing a personal experience with personal responsibility may also be included in an essay.