What Should You Write in an Essay on Your Ideal Job?

Writing an essay about an ideal job begins by creating an outline on the topic, including an introduction, main body and summary conclusion. The central focus of the essay is taken from notes gathered from researching an appealing career choice.

The introductory paragraph includes information about the chosen career. The opening sentence creates a good impression by including a quotation from a notable person, statistics about the job or an interesting question. The remainder of the opening section goes into more depth about the job and makes several points about what makes it a good career choice. End the introduction with a brief summary.

The essay continues in the main body portion, which typically includes two to three solid paragraphs of information. Each paragraph should support the career choice outlined in the introduction. Detailed information about the specific career is provided in each paragraph, which can be separated by headings. Specific points about each aspect of the job are discussed under each heading. For example, an essay about working as a professional photographer can discuss interesting points about types of popular photography categories, such as portrait, modeling and wedding photography. The essay can include personal opinion about what makes each element of the job special. It is important to include relevant facts within the main body that support each idea expressed.

Conclude the essay with a summary conclusion paragraph, briefly restating the main ideas of the essay and reiterating the theme of the paper.