How Should I Write an Essay on My Greatest Challenge?

To write an essay on your greatest challenge, choose a memory that you remember clearly. Create an outline based on the event, and proceed to writing the introduction, body and conclusion.

  1. Think about your greatest challenge

    Recall tough life events from the past, and ponder over the ones that seemed most challenging. When choosing a piece of memory, be sure to opt for one that you remember clearly, so it becomes easier to elaborate on.

  2. Create an outline

    After creating a mental diagram, jot down an outline on a piece of paper, so that you're clear about the flow of the essay. Arrange events and their corresponding details accordingly.

  3. Write the introduction

    Start writing the essay with the introduction. Write the details that you want the reader to know before proceeding to your greatest challenge.

  4. Write the body

    Convert the outline into words by elaborating on each event, using concise and easily understandable vocabulary. Be sure to give enough detail to the reader to understand everything. Refrain from adding fluff or filler content.

  5. Finish with the conclusion, and give final touches

    After you've written your greatest challenge down, end the essay on a significant conclusion. Elaborate on how the challenge helped you in life and what difference it made for your personality. Give credit where due. Next, review the essay, and look for errors in language. Ensure that the language flows in a logical manner.