What Should You Write in an Essay on Global Issues?

The major global issues relate to war, international conflict, terrorism, human rights, financial crises, economics, food and agriculture. Additional relevant topics are public health and diseases, and environmental problems.

War, international conflict and terrorism are complex global issues that involve many challenges. Nuclear weapons, disarmament and arms trade are some of the main concerns related to these important global issues. Human rights is another international subject that is closely related to wars and international conflicts.

Global economic issues involve national debts, financial crises, poverty and hunger. Money laundering and tax fraud are also problematic economic issues. In addition, free trade and fair trade agreements are global topics of concern. International aid is an issue that deals with efforts to improve conditions in countries struggling with poverty and hunger.

Food and agriculture present global challenges due to droughts, as well as controversial issues such as food dumping and genetic modification. Malnutrition, hunger and famine are also related to public health issues. Other health issues affecting large populations include deadly and contagious viruses such as AIDS and Ebola.

Environmental issues include earthquakes, tsunamis, droughts, floods and other natural disasters. Studied and debated by governments and experts, climate change and global warming are some commonly investigated environmental issues. Biodiversity, endangered species and nature conservation also fit into this category.