How Should I Write a Commemorative Speech?

To write a commemorative speech, consider the group you are speaking to and its wishes, then outline the tone you want to set and the points you would like to make. Bypass facts and data in favor of words that are honest and that convey the emotion of the situation.

  1. Prepare an outline

    Gather a paper and pen, or start a file in your word processing program. Set up headers such as “Purpose of speech,” “Audience and its needs,” “Tone of speech” and “Points to make in speech.”

  2. Fill in the spaces under the headers

    Jot down answers to the headers. Brainstorm and let your words flow freely; do not restrict yourself.

  3. Make a personal connection

    Write something personal about the person or event that is driving the speech. For example, if the speech is about your parents' anniversary, you could write several ideas for funny stories about them.

  4. Put the speech together

    Pull from the various elements of your outline and your personal connections to bring the speech together.

  5. Rehearse

    Time yourself reciting the speech to ensure it runs from about 1 minute to 5 minutes. If the time is shorter or longer, edit your speech as necessary to fit the occasion and the allotted time.