How Should You Write a Business Referral Letter?


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A well-written business referral letter is a powerful marketing tool, especially for small and growing businesses. The ideal business referral letter contains a strong message urging fellow business owners or consumer clients to patronize a particular business and supports this claim with an abundance of evidence.

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Before beginning to actually write, plan out exactly what is desired to be said about the business in the referral letter. Make a list of a few of the strongest, most salient points to convince the letter's recipient why he should utilize this business's services or products. Planning this strategy ahead of time helps keep the letter concise, compact and effective.

Business referral letters are often printed on company letterhead to give the message more gravitas. At the very least, the letter writer should print the writer's name, company name, date and contact information at the beginning of the letter. Make sure to open the letter with a formal business salutation unless the recipient is a close friend of the writer, in which case a more personalized touch might be appropriate.

Begin with a short paragraph describing the company, and then continue on to explain the reason behind the referral. Finish with a simple but sincere closing, and then make sure to review the letter for any mistakes before sending it off.

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