How Should You Word a Past Due Rent Notice Letter?

Write a past due rent notice letter with a brief description of the letter's purpose and any consequences associated with making a payment late or not at all. Include the date the letter was written and use a formal letter format. Also include a date by which the payment needs to be made before action is taken.

Use an official letterhead for the management group or your own personal business. Include an address block with the recipient's name and the address for the rental property after the date. Start the body of the letter with a formal salutation, such as "Dear Mr. Smith:" or a similar greeting. Include the amount that is past due and how many days the payment is late as of the letter's date.

Do not become emotional or condescending in the letter. Keep it professional and give all relevant details to ensure you cover any questions the tenant may have. Include instructions concerning how the tenant needs to make the payment, such as a mailing address or physical drop-off location. Provide the tenant with your contact information and instruct them to contact you if they have any questions. Close with a statement of appreciation for the tenant's cooperation, and add a signature line with your printed name and official title.