How Should You Use Flashcards to Study for Chapter Tests?


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Putting key concepts from the chapter on the flash cards a few days before the test and then going through the flash cards during one's spare time is a good way to use flash cards to study for tests, suggests Leah4Sci.com. Doing this helps with actively recalling information and provides opportunities for self-testing, both of which can help students retain the information.

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To use flash cards to study for a chapter test, try the following process.

  1. Create the flash cards
  2. Look through the chapter to determine the most important points to remember, such as vocabulary words, bolded passages and key facts. For subject areas that require remembering basic information, take an index card or similar type of paper and write the term to be defined or explained on one side and then the definition, explanation or fact on the other side. For subject areas that require associating a picture or model with a term, such as remembering what a chemical formula looks like, consider making a drawing on one side and putting the description on the other.

  3. Review with the flash cards
  4. Keep the flash cards somewhere easily accessible in spare time to make it easy to study with them. Some good times to use the flash cards for review include on the way to school, during lunch and during commercial breaks when watching television, suggests Leah 4 Sci. Go through the flash cards the few days before the test until it's easy to recall the concepts. If there's a certain concept that seems to not stick, consider making additional copies of that card and adding it to the stack.

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