When should you type your own story?


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Typing a personal story should occur only after the aspiring writer has gathered enough information necessary to write the story and done some pre-writing exercises. If, at that point, the writer still wishes to proceed, there are many word processing applications available that make the task easier.

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Word processing programs such as Microsoft Word have all but made traditional pen and paper extinct when it comes to writing a personal narrative. Nevertheless, it is useful to organize one's thoughts before attempting any substantial composition, as pre-writing exercises save time and energy. Writers should ideally ask themselves questions about what they are hoping to accomplish, who their target audience is and what the nature of their subject means in terms of length, format and writing style.

Pre-writing exercises are readily available online. These activities help writers organize content, narrow focus and create short lists that expand creativity and aid in brainstorming. Pre-writing is especially useful because it provides a quick, informal preview of the writing task before the writer engages in any long form narration. Professional writers often pre-write with pen or pencil because it is easy to sketch out ideas on scratch paper before moving to a typewriter or word processor.

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