Why Should Teachers Use the Powerschool Gradebook?

Why Should Teachers Use the Powerschool Gradebook?

The Powerschool gradebook automatically loads all rosters, student demographics, grading periods, rubrics, grading scales and standards into the database. This quick loading provides teachers, parents and any additional identified stakeholders with instant data in real time.

Teachers can use Powerschool's gradebook feature to provide all identified stakeholders, such as parents, administration and other school staff, with instant communication regarding assignments, grades, comments and progress toward each standard for individual students or a group of students.

Gradebook's substitute teacher feature allows a substitute to have temporary access for a length of time determined by the teacher. This helps a teacher stay current on how his class is performing in his absence and communicate with a substitute, be it for a day or a longer stretch of time.

Powerschool automatically loads district, state and Common Core standards into its gradebook to align with specific lessons or units. This allows all stakeholders instant information as to how an individual or group is performing in relation to specific standards.

The gradebook allows teachers to create intervention groups to support student development. These groups can create "what if" grade scenarios to project how a student may perform with specific interventions or goal alterations.

Powerschool users may log into Powerschool from any computer or through their mobile device app.