What Should You Teach Kids About Abraham Lincoln?


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Depending on the age of a child, the facts important for them to learn vary, but some interesting information about Abraham Lincoln includes that he was the first major U.S. leader to support the right of women to vote and that he had no college degree. Lincoln, a licensed bartender, was inducted to the Wrestling Hall of Fame after losing only one match out of 300. Also, an 11 year-old girl persuaded Lincoln to grow his beard.

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What Should You Teach Kids About Abraham Lincoln?
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Like Abraham Lincoln, his canine pet was assassinated. Also concerning his assassination, he had created the secret service on the day of the shooting, and prior to being shot, he had dreamt that he would be assassinated. Regarding his own death, Lincoln refused to carry a knife because he suffered from depression, and he feared that he would turn the knife on himself.

John Wilkes Booth, Lincoln's assassin, was a famous actor, and Lincoln was a fan of his. He also had another unusual connection with his assassin. Edwin Booth, John Wilkes Booth's brother, saved Lincoln's son Robert from a train accident.

Several interesting facts concern Lincoln after his death. In 1876, a gang of Chicago counterfeiters tried to steal his body from his tomb and demand a $200,000 ransom. Only in 2009 was it discovered that Lincoln's pocket watch had a secret message inscribed in it by jeweler.

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