What Should You Study to Prepare for a Reading Test?


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The best way to prepare for a reading test is by taking practice exams. This helps the student become familiar with the types of questions and learn what to prioritize during the exam.

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Collegeboard recommends that readers learn to efficiently navigate the reading material. This includes previewing the reading, looking for headings and pausing to identify main ideas. To determine the main idea, the student should read a passage while periodically pausing to consider why the author is telling the audience this information. Determining the bigger purpose of a selection of writing helps students answer comprehension questions on reading exams.

Another important element of reading exams is time management. If the exam is timed, the student should practice reading and answering questions in a similar time segment. This may include practicing habits such as skipping the most difficult questions until the end, looking for context clues and using process of elimination to make educated guesses. Prior to reading the passage carefully, students should practice considering the context of the piece. This includes when the passage was written and the intended target audience. During practice sessions, students may consult a dictionary to increase their vocabulary comprehension. This is especially useful if the reading test will have direct vocabulary questions.

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